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About CEO
Pavan Kumar Kulkarni is the Visionary Founder & CEO of WYNDERZ a world class Machine Manufacturing Company specialising in CNC Filament Winding Machines & its Accessories and providing cutting edge solutions to the Composite Industry. With a Proven track record of over 25 years of Experience in Machine Manufacturing Industry Pavan Kumar has been instrumental in driving company's growth and Innovation.

Prior to founding WYNDERZ, Pavan Kumar held senior leadership positions at several Machinery manufacturing firms, where he spearheaded successful product launches and strategic partnerships. His deep expertise in FRP Machinery development and business strategy has been pivotal in positioning WYNDERZ as a market leader.

Under Pavan Kumar's leadership, WYNDERZ has achieved significant milestones, including doubling its revenue in the past years and expanding its global reach. Pavan Kumar's bold vision and commitment to excellence have propelled the company to new heights, earning accolades within the industry.

Known for his collaborative leadership style and passion for empowering teams, Pavan Kumar fosters a culture of innovation and inclusivity at WYNDERZ. He is dedicated to driving positive change through technology and believes in leveraging Technology driven Industrial solutions to create a better future for all.